501(c)(3) nonprofit Public charity

501(c)(3) nonprofit Public charity

"To improve the quality of life one sticky kitty at a time."


"To improve the quality of life one sticky kitty at a time."

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  We're a grass-roots nonprofit organization committed to provoking change and making a difference in the lives of others and their critters. Sticky's story created a movement that started with just one simple act of kindness and has sparked a hope for a better world...together, we will make a difference.  

picture from the original Facebook post that started Sticky's journey.

How It all Began

On the morning of October 19th, 2018 Chuck Hawley was driving to work in Salem, Oregon when he saw something in the road a few cars ahead. He couldn’t tell what it was but saw that cars were just driving right over it, so he thought nothing of it until that object came out from under the truck in front of him and he saw that it was a kitten sitting up looking right at him. He slammed on his brakes, fumbled for the hazards, and got out to look. There, in the middle of the busy road, was this tiny, wet, shivering kitten. He went to pick it up and realized that it was stuck to the road by some sort of rubber cement. He managed to peal the substance with the kitten still stuck to it off the pavement and took the kitten, glue and all, with him to work. Having no clue what to do next, he and a co-worker tried to clean off the glue which was all over his feet, tail, and neck. Chuck then took the kitten to his vet in Silverton where they used mineral oil and dawn soap to remove the remainder of the glue and miraculously, there was little damage from the glue. However, something or someone had done something to the kitten that left puncture wounds in his neck.

Within an hour of Chuck posting the story to his friends on Facebook and his wife sharing his post on a community page, it went viral. What was originally a post about a crazy morning and bewilderment of how someone could do something so horrific, it shortly became a story of hope, heroism, and just good old fashion kindness. It gave thousands of people that feel-good we’ve obviously been needing and restored our hope that this world is still full of good-hearted people.

Thousands of emails and messages were received from people all over the world with touching stories of how this simple act of kindness had touched them and, in turn, had caused them to do a random act of kindness for someone else. There were messages of how this story brought families back together and in one case, even saved a life. This inspired the Hawley family to start the Sticky the Kitty Foundation, a nonprofit, focusing on spreading kindness to animals and people alike. Through education, donation, and assistance for the animals and people in need, Sticky the Kitty Foundation is dedicated to helping animals and their humans learn that even the simplest act of kindness can spread hope and joy throughout the world. 

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